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Anonymous asked: Would you ever date a guy you knew if you became single?

No, that chapter of my life is over. Now that I have been with women, I could never imagine going back. The accomplishment I feel when making a woman cum, compared to a man 🙌

Anonymous asked: How where you able to get over your breakup?

I made the decision to do what I needed to be happy by myself. I went to therapy, I went on adventures by myself, I surrounded myself with so much love. I’m an amazing person. It took time to get better and once I did, I realized she wasn’t someone I wanted to have in my life anyway.

Anonymous asked: My gf and I are on a break however she has been txting another girl recently, she told me it's not a big deAl but I freaked out. She was supposed to come to our house today however she turned around and said "well you'll get mad if she randomly txts me so there's no point" she also said its not my home anymore. What should I do?

Haven’t we all learned from Friends that taking a break is a bad idea??
Here is the thing: you either forgive her or you don’t. Don’t make it seem like it is okay that she was texting someone else while you were on a break, if it does bother you. That will just build resentment on your end. Do you want things to work with her? Then you do your best to get over what she did and f you can’t… Then you need to walk away from the situation.