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"What if you fall in love with me?"

It was in a playful tone, as it always was, but there was something different about the look in your eyes. I grew to take you lightly, nothing was ever meant to be taken too seriously.

So it all became such a routine for me. We would kiss each other hello, but only hug goodbye. We would fall asleep with our limbs tangled together, but by morning, the bed became an ocean between us. Hands were held in dark movie theaters, but never while roaming the streets. It wasn’t what I wanted, but at least I had you in my life.

But this morning, I woke to find your fingers tracing the curves of my body. Conversation came easily, as it always did, but then the moment came and I could see your lips begin to tremble and your eyes get nervous.

"What if you fall in love with me?"

For the first time, I saw you vulnerable. The question you were really wanting to ask was not what if I fell in love with you, but rather, what if I didn’t?